Our Capabilities


We are experts in developing a strategic vision and plan for your customer experience program. 



  • Voice of Customer & Partner

  • Product  and Service Design

  • Support Capabilities

Our consultants have a world-wide operations experience and can support your local and global service strategies. 



  • Operational Due Diligence

  • Global Process Mapping


Customer engagement or experience extends beyond the call center and requires a unique set of skills to define, strategize and implement. 

We have developed unique programs that have improved the customer experience and hit key cost and revenue targets for our clients. 

Online experience is a core component of your customer engagement and service strategy. Our team will work with you to evaluate your existing program and create better solutions with your customer in mind.

Our capabilities stretch from traditional call centers to navigating the latest in social servicing. 



  • Call Center Customer Support and Service

  • Social Media & Self Service Strategies

  • Process Redesign & Improvement



Operational excellence is the core of any of our programs. We will work across your frontline and back-office organizations to ensure any program we develop, design or implement is in line with your key processes. 

We have a staff of tenured professionals on both sides of the table from Buy to Sell



  • Go to Market Capabilities

  • Business Development

  • Business Case Development

  • Onshore, Offshore and Near Shore solutions

Our team has a global view from all levels and on both sides of the vendor management process. We can work with you to develop the right program or manage aspects of your existing program to achieve your goals. Examples of our experience are below.


  • Held senior leadership roles across multiple well known BPOs

  • Lead Vendor Management transformation programs

  • Managed US and Global BPO footprints

Online and Self - Servicing strategies are changing with technology and we can provide the latest ideas on how to implement a best in class solution.



  • Technology  and Process Improvement

  • Competitive Assessment

  • Solution implementation

Self-Servicing has become a important component of the overall customer experience and we can help you understand what components to develop. Our experience includes:


  • Developing an online self-service program for CA Technologies

  • Evaluate CRM and Crowdsourcing capabilities




We provide solutions with a lens on the customer design viewpoint 



  • Design solutions

  • Customer Experience Design

  • Project Management